Unrivaled Product Creation Principles

PRIMAL ONE products are the intersection of modern day, cutting-edge science and earth's most powerful natural ingredients.

● Scientifically-Backed Ingredients 

● Ingredients Dosed at Clinical Levels

● Natural & Non-GMO Ingredients 

● Effective & Safe Ingredients

● No Artificial Dyes or Artificial Sweeteners 

● No Fillers or Binders 

● No Preservatives 

● No Banned Substances  

● No Proprietary Blends

● Trademarked & Patented Ingredients 

● Manufactured in the USA in a cGMP Facility
● Stringent Quality Control & Testing   

The Nutritional Supplement Realm Is Facing a Major Problem

Nutritional supplements and nootropics (aka “smart drugs”) comprise one of the fastest growing industries globally. As a ramification of this, self-proclaimed “brain hackers” and “supplement experts” alike are permeating the web and social platforms with misinformation about products and ingredients that claim to be panaceas for all that ails us - often in an attempt to sell you something that doesn’t do much.

The human body is exceptionally intricate and still rather misunderstood; the clinical and scientific communities tend to compartmentalize the many pathways and mechanisms that regulate our body, which only paints part of the picture (and likely not an accurate representation of the whole). 

Rather than looking at things on a wholistic scale, nutritional supplement research often focuses on isolated interactions between compounds and individual neurotransmitters, receptors, enzymes, cell walls, etc.

While it’s useful to have an understanding of the many mechanisms that dictate how components of the body and brain react to certain compounds/nutrients, that does not necessarily tell us what happens systemically. 

Thus, PRIMAL ONE is taking an integrative approach to nutritional supplementation where the Earth’s preeminent ingredients intersect with a novel meta-analysis of leading research.

By doing so, we are able to gain a more intelligible understanding of how the many individual parts of the brain and body interact with different compounds on a systemic level. 

With this insight into mind-body dynamics we are able to formulate the most powerful natural supplements on the market, helping you reach a new primal state where peak performance meets longevity and well-being.

What Makes Our Products Superior 

The PRIMAL ONE team comprises over 30 years of collective experience and education in the health, fitness, and dietary supplement industries.

We are dedicated to providing evidence-based content with all things related to the nootropic and health/fitness. 

Complete Transparency - No Proprietary Blends

There are seemingly countless supplement companies these days that hide their formulas behind “proprietary blends,” which is simply a form of chicanery to increase their revenue and decrease your results.

We are hoping to lead by example and change this industry for the better, so you will never find proprietary blends in our products or on the label. Each and every ingredient that’s in a PRIMAL ONE product is on the label in the exact dose per serving.

Be confident that each PRIMAL ONE product has complete transparency about everything in the bottle.